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UP FAMNIT organized the Faculty Programming Competition – FTP

At UP FAMNI, the Faculty Programming Competition (FTP) took place. The competition gathered 22 young computer science enthusiasts who enjoyed testing their programming skills in a fun and engaging way between 11 December 2023 and 1 March 2024.

Throughout the competition, students developed a program (player) that played a turn-based game against other programs (players). The main goal was to develop a strategy that responds best to the strategies of other competitors without being able to see their source code.



The top spots were awarded to:

1st place: Jerman Blaž, Gimpelj Tilen (Team Bot)

2nd place: Petrov Ilija (Team Rakija)

3rd place: Vincek Aleks, Ahlin Jaka (Team BananaBurek)

The competition’s organizer, Assist. Prof. Aleksandar Tošič, InnoRenew CoE researcher and professor at the Department of Information Sciences and Technologies (UP FAMNIT), organizes the Faculty competition and further inspires young people for computer science through the conception, leadership, and organization of the programming competition.


A special thanks go to the following for the implementation of the event: InnoRenew CoE, Blockchain and Language Technologies Lab, and the University of Primorska.

We would like to sincerely congratulate all the participants!