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InnoRenew CoE researchers at the Fungal Biodiversity 2024 course

Dr. Wojciech Jakub Pajerski, dr. Valentina Hribljan and Ana Gubenšek, InnoRenew CoE researchers from the Materials research department, attended the weekly course Fungal Biodiversity 2024, which was held 29 January – 2 February 2024 at the Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity Institute, Netherlands.

The course provided a concise overview of the biodiversity of organisms and it focused on systematics and general ecology of fungi, as well as related topics such as soil mycology and diagnostics of plant pathogens. Visual and molecular recognition methods were discussed and practical hands-on experience gained in the morphological recognition and cultivation of fungi.

InnoRenew CoE researchers are working with fungi in the framework of the Bioinspired living skin for architecture (ARCHI-SKIN) project.