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Broadcasting of documentary films about wood at the Maribor Regional Museum

Last year, InnoRenew CoE, in cooperation with the University of Primorska and the public agency Spirit Slovenia, produced two educational documentaries, Knocking on wood and Living for wood.

The films were made by and produced by Warehouse Collective and directed by Damjan Muhič from the University of Primorska. Both educational documentaries were broadcasted on the national television RTV, and can be viewed online (in Slovene): Knocking on wood and Living for wood.

The films can now also be viewed at the Maribor Regional Museum, as part of the Permanent Furniture Exhibition entitled Spaces of the Beautiful. The screening was accompanied by an organised talk with two of the documentary authors – Dr. Črtomir Tavzes and Dr. Jaka Pečnik from InnoRenew CoE. During the talk, they described the process of making the films, from the idea to the realisation.

Image: Maribor Regional Museum

The exhibition Spaces of the Beautiful has been open to the public since 2021. The exhibition design is based on showing the undisputed quality of the 43 selected furniture pieces, which go beyond the boundaries of the locally accepted and are part of the heritage treasure of the wider European area. The exhibition is now enriched by the screening of the documentary films Knocking on wood and Living for wood, thus offering an overview of the development of Slovenian science on forest, wood, their economic opportunities and, of course, environmental protection and climate change.

More about the event here.