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Strengthening collaboration with the Municipality of Izola

Dr. Andreja Kutnar, InnoRenew CoE director, and Bogdan Božac, InnoRenew CoE assistant director, met with the Mayor of Izola, the Director of the Izola Municipal Administration, heads of the municipal offices and the Director of the JZP Izola Public agency for promotion of entrepreneurship and developing projects of Municipality of Izola.

They presented the range of activities carried out by InnoRenew CoE,  highlighted diverse skills of the international team of experts and scientists, and discussed the opportunities for cooperation with the municipality in the fields of investment, education, tourism, entrepreneurship and sustainability.

Creating a sustainable future is important for InnoRenew CoE and for the Municipality of Izola, and by strengthening cooperation, both parties will further contribute to better results.

Image: Občina Izola