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InnoRenew CoE hosted the 10th Congress of Alps Adria Acoustics Association

The Slovenian Acoustical Society (SDA), in collaboration with the Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering, University of Ljubljana, and InnoRenew CoE, organized the 10th Congress of Alps Adria Acoustics Association (AAAA). The congress took place 20-21 September 2023 in the InnoRenew CoE building and hosted more than 70 international participants to discuss about acoustics.

The congress started with an opening ceremony, where Dr. Mateja Dovjak, the congress chair, welcomed all the participants: “During the two-day conference you will have the opportunity to listen to a number of speakers from eleven different countries, who will talk about different areas and aspects of acoustics.”

Dr. Andreja Kutnar, InnoRenew CoE director, emphasised that acoustics is also very important in the context of sustainable development: “At InnoRenew CoE we work in the field of renewable materials and sustainable construction, but at the same time we promote an interdisciplinary approach to research and innovation. We know that acoustics is an important part of this, and that is why I am very pleased that you are here today in such large numbers.”

Beata Mesterhazy from the Hungarian Scientific Society for Optics, Acoustics, Motion Picture and Theatre Technology (OPAKFI) and Dr. Marko Horvat from the Acoustical Society of Croatia also welcomed the participants.

Following, Dr. Janko Slavič, one of five keynote speakers presented the high-speed camera based identification of sound and vibrations. Dr. Roland Sottek spoke about the development of sound quality metrics using models based on human perception and their applications, while Dr. Jonas Brunskog discussed challenges in sound insulation of wooden buildings. Dr. Goran Pavić, the fourth keynote speaker presented the topic of modelling of sound and vibration using a virtual-source approach. The fifth keynote speaker was Dr. Rok Prislan, InnoRenew CoE research group leader, which held a technical presentation about the design and construction of the InnoRenew CoE Acoustics Laboratory. Participants had the chance also to visit the laboratory.

In the two-day congress several national and international experts presented a wide range of scientific and applied papers on their research and professional activities in all areas of acoustics.

The congress golden sponsors – IMS merilni sistemi d.o.o., Rothoblaas, Dewesoft measurement innovation and Knauf insulation – presented their latest innovation and technological solutions in the field of acoustics.

Congress topics covered in particular building and spatial acoustics, speech acoustics, noise in natural and living environments, noise and vibration of machinery, legislation, measurement techniques, psychoacoustics and sound perception, signal analysis, non-linear acoustics and hydroacoustics.

Every two years, one of the three member societies of the AAAA organizes a scientific congress on acoustics. The main goal of these congresses is to bring together acousticians from Croatia, Hungary and Slovenia, as well as from the other European countries, in order to exchange knowledge, share research outcomes and strengthen mutual cooperation among these societies for the benefit of the whole region.

The 10th Congress of Alps Adria Acoustics Association thanks its sponsor – IMS merilni sistemi d.o.o., Rothoblaas, Dewesoft measurement innovation and Knauf insulation, HEAD acoustics, Getzner Werkstoffe, Fragmat, and Domel.