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Conceptual design of the square in front of the Servite monastery

InnoRenew CoE prepared a proposal for the arrangement of the square in front of the Service Monastery for the Municipality of Koper. The project represents an added part of the renovation project of the service monastery, which InnoRenew CoE is planning in cooperation with the University of Primorska.

In parallel with the comprehensive renovation of the Servite Monastery, the square should get a new overall look that would be consistent with the planning of the monastery’s renovation. The square is located in front of the main entrance to the monastery, which after the renovation will be a publicly accessible building. Various public programs will take place in it, among others, a museum, exhibitions, events and concerts in the auditorium, educational content for the general and professional public. The rectorate of the University of Primorska will be located in the monastery, and there will also be computer reading room, information offices for students, as well as a restaurant that will be accessible to all visitors.

Design proposal consists of the following elements:

  • New paving made of two types of natural stones, that emphasize the geometry of the facade of the Servite Monastery. The widest white belt emphasizes the main entrance to the monastery.
  • Benches under the trees, which create pleasant corners for rest.
  • Arranging the gardens next to the houses by preserving the existing trees.
  • Stone tables and chess chairs standing on the edge of the road as an obstacle to cars. In this way, we bring playful content to the space for all generations of visitors. They are made of stone, robust to stay there forever and to give city dwellers a permanent corner to socialize and relax.
  • New stairs and ramp at the main entrance to the monastery, that allow access for the physically disabled.
  • Arrangement of two disabled parking spaces on Kolaričeva Street.
  • Relocating the existing garbage cans to Kolaričeva Street.

Design and text: Eva Prelovšek Niemelä and Aarne Niemelä, InnoRenew CoE architects and researchers