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InnoRenew CoE International Conference 2023

The InnoRenew CoE International Conference 2023, “Interdisciplinary solutions for sustainable buildings,” will take place in the InnoRenew CoE building in Izola, Slovenia, 12-14 September 2023.

IRIC2023 provides an opportunity to share and discuss emerging science and innovations in renewable materials that can be used in the built environment to enhance human and environmental well-being.

This year the different thematic sessions are related to:

  • Skills
  • Renovation
  • Social impacts
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Recycling, circularity
  • Interdisciplinary topics
  • Engineered living materials
  • Environmental impacts, carbon
  • Human health and preferences
  • Sustainable construction & sustainable buildings
  • New European Bauhaus (co-design, solutions, aesthetics)
  • Design solutions (energy efficiency, optimization, aesthetics)
  • Automation, AI, IOT, wearables, sensors, integrated technologies

You are kindly invited to submit the abstract and join us at IRIC2023. The deadline is 15 April 2023.

Visit the IRIC2023 webpage for more information, abstract submission details and registration.

You are also kindly invited to become an IRIC2023 sponsor, if you would like to increase your visibility within the interdisciplinary field of renewable materials for healthy built environments. Contact us at for more details.