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The desire to learn new things

Ender Hazir, guest researcher at InnoRenew CoE; Main area of research: In general, my work is focused on woodworking, coating process and optimization of these process parameters, prediction, statistical process control and process monitoring.

  • Where were you living in childhood and where do you live now?

When I was a child, I grew up in Didim, a quiet and seaside town in Turkey. Then I started living in Istanbul for my undergraduate education. After completing my undergraduate and doctoral education, I started working as an academician and we continue to live in Istanbul with my family. Now we live in Koper, a beautiful city in Slovenia, for postdoctoral research. But after our 1 year project is completed, we will return to Istanbul again.

  • What have you studied and what were the motives for your decision?

I have always been interested in the structure, texture and complex tests of wood material. Particularly, the subject of how the appearance of wood material changes in exterior uses and the mathematical modelling of this change has aroused interest.

  • How would you describe your work to someone outside your field?

I would define it as a field suitable for a fully multidisciplinary structure, covering the fields of physics, mathematics, chemistry and biology.

  • What does your typical working day look like?

First I make coffee every morning, then I check the samples we have placed on the exterior. If all is well, I begin my laboratory work. In the afternoon, I end the day with academic meetings with my supervisor. In this sense, I can say that it is always very productive.

When I return home after the workday, I tell my son almost everything I’ve done during the day, since I have a very curious son.

  • What makes you excited about your work?

The work of a mathematical or prediction model that we have built and the solution of a common problem at the end of it is the most exciting subject for me.

  • And what is the biggest challenge at your work?

Building a model in uncertainties is really challenging, but that’s our job!

  • Which scientist or scientific achievement are you fascinated by and why?

I find the inventions of Nikola Tesla very impressive. Can you imagine, he died in 1943 but his inventions are still used!

  • Tell us about the work of art (books, music, movies, theatre, dance, visual arts) that has a special place in your life.

Slumdog Millionaire is one of those movies that impresses me the most.

  • What have you read, listened to, or watched lately?

To be honest, I’ve read a lot of academic articles lately. However, since the pyramid structures intrigued me, I recently watched a documentary called The History of the Primates.

  • Describe your very first impression of Slovenia.

Beauties of nature.

  • What do you like about Slovenia and what do you miss most from your homeland?

Slovenia is a place where you can have a good time with your family due to its natural beauties and the helpfulness of the people. I miss my families the most. Especially our breakfast together and conversations.

  • Which place on the Slovene coast do you like the most?

We like Koper’s beach. It is especially nice to watch the sunset and the colourfully decorated lamps illuminating the sidewalks with the sea in the evening.

  • What makes you enthusiastic?

The emotion that makes me enthusiastic is the desire to learn new things. Because every new thing means a new curiosity and new research.

  • Characterize your life’s guidance or an important realization (or epiphany) you have experienced.

To collect good memories with your loved ones and to leave every bad event you have experienced behind, so as not to regret later, I guess that’s all!

  • What does the charm of wood mean to you?

Wood material has always been at the centre of life. When we move away from wood material, we miss the focus of life. For me, the charm of wood material is that it is one of the most important instruments that can save us from global warming.