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INTRuST project starts

The INTRuST project kick-off meeting took place, and project partners from Germany, Belgium, Slovenia, Spain and Bulgaria presented their organizations and roles. Partners also discussed the project’s timeline and activities and set the basis for project management, quality assurance, risk management and dissemination.

INTRuST addresses experts from furniture-related companies, forest operators, employees and managers to increase their skills and competencies in sustainable certification for industry 4.0.

The INTRuST partnership brings together experts in technology, wood certification, forestry, energy consumption, forest certification and environmental marketing from VET institutions, research entities and industry.


Dr Igor Gavrić presented the InnoRenew CoE. Image: Igor Gavrić

Partners will begin preparing the State-of-the-Art Report on Environmental Certifications Practices and Industry 4.0 in the Wood and Furniture Sector. This report will form the basis of joint curriculum design and training modules development.

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