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I do some magic to make equipment or programs work

Michał Bosak, MSc student from Gdańsk University of Technology, on a research visit at InnoRenew CoE; main research interests: AI, software development and data analysis


  • Where were you living in childhood and where do you live now?

I have lived in Gdańsk, the most beautiful city in Poland. During my internship, I live in Koper.

  • What have you studied and what were the motives for your decision?

I’ve studied robotics and control engineering. A few years ago, I didn’t know what I prefer – hardware or software. So, I decided to go for it and try these studies.

  • How would you describe your work to someone outside your field?

To someone who isn’t completely familiar with technology, I would say that I do some magic to make equipment or programs work.

  • What does your typical working day look like?

Wake up at 7 a.m., eat breakfast and go directly to the office. Sometimes I take a lunch break. Come back in late afternoon. Do some physical activities. Eat dinner. Read a book or do some computer stuff.

  • What makes you excited about your work?

Feeling of self-development.

  • And what is the biggest challenge at your work?

Learning new technologies to solve complicated problems.

  • Which scientist or scientific achievement are you fascinated by and why?

Nikola Tesla, because he made a huge impact on electricity, which runs our whole world.

  • Tell us about the work of art (books, music, movies, theatre, dance, visual arts) that has a special place in your life.

Definitely music. It makes me more creative and relaxed.

  • What have you read, listened to, or watched lately?

I used to listen to a harder type of music (e.g., rock or metal). I read book “Why We Sleep” by Matthew Walker, and I recommend it to make people more conscious about the importance of sleep.

  • Describe your very first impression of Slovenia.

Hell, because of the high temperature.

  • What do you like about Slovenia and what do you miss most from your homeland?

Friendliness of people to others, which isn’t that casual in Poland.

  • Which place on the Slovene coast do you like the most?

Path for pedestrians between Koper and Izola – it’s magical.

  • What makes you enthusiastic?

Everything that interests me.

  • Characterize your life’s guidance or an important realization (or epiphany) you have experienced.

Being curious about the world.

  • What does the charm of wood mean to you?

Its natural beauty.