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ICT research group hosts researchers

The ICT in Renewable Materials and Sustainable Building (ICT) research group recently hosted András London and Tamás Vinkó, researchers and professors from the Department of Computational Optimization at the University of Szeged (Hungary). Both are specialists in data science and optimization.

András London. Image: Miklos Krész

The InnoRenew CoE employees had a chance to meet with them and attend a seminar where they presented graph-based algorithms and their applications as well as linear and nonlinear optimization in network science.

“Their visit was a great opportunity for fruitful conversations about possible common research and projects,” said László Hajdú, researcher in the ICT research group. “Actually, it was an interesting and very inspiring week with them,” he added.

Tamás Vinkó. Image: Miklos Krész

The ICT team is also hosting Joris Le Mélinaire, a student from CESI (Study centre for industrial science) in France, an apprentice engineering school. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in science, Joris got an electrotechnical degree. Currently, he is completing his master’s studies and is an assistant account manager for SPIE, a company working in high and low electricity, oil, maintenance, automation and development of optic fibre networks, dealing with several industry projects.

At the InnoRenew CoE, Joris is working on developing sensors systems for gathering information about different parameters such as temperature or humidity.