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Dr Laetitia Marrot completes STSM at Fraunhofer WKI

Dr Laetitia Marrot, researcher in the InnoRenew CoE’s Renewable Materials Composites group, successfully applied for a short-term scientific mission (STSM) with COST Action CA17107 – European Network to connect research and innovation efforts on advanced Smart Textiles (CONTEXT). She visited Fraunhofer WKI, the InnoRenew CoE’s advanced partner and one of the institute’s founders, where she spent one month working on developing smart textiles for building and living applications.

The aim of her research visit was to gain knowledge in the field of smart textiles and how they can be used as a building material. More precisely, she focused on how textiles can reinforce concrete. The key challenges she encountered were in developing new functional textile materials by using multicomponent fibres to create sensors and communication systems. In this way, comfort, well-being and safety can be maximized.

Dr Marrot’s research work and results will be useful for Fraunhofer WKI’s long-term project to develop a new connected construction material that is capable of monitoring physical data. This proposed material will consist of a smart webbed textile structure made of natural fibres, such as hemp, with integrated electrically conductive carbon fibres, which has the potential to replace conventional steel reinforcement of concrete.