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InnoRenew CoE participated in the focus group for the preparation of the Tourism Development Strategy for Slovenian Istria 2030

Today, a focus group was held at Bernardin, to develop a strategic development document for increasing the competitiveness of tourism in the Slovenian Istria region – the Slovenian Istria Tourism Development Strategy 2030 (with a longer-term vision 2035+).

The municipalities of Ankaran, Izola, Koper and Piran partnered in the preparation of the strategy in early 2024, and the inter-municipal working coordination group formed a Strategy Group to support the process. At the first workshop they summarised the situation, identified common development challenges and selected a common development scenario.

In an effort to take the development of the strategy forward, a focus workshop was organised.  Lea Primožič, professional associate for public relations at InnoRenew CoE, attended the workshop, together with key stakeholders from the region. At the workshop common projects to strengthen the region’s competitiveness were identified under the themes of sustainability and mobility, tourism/agriculture and fisheries value chains, investment, entrepreneurship and human resources, and marketing.