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1st International Conference for COST Action HELEN

InnoRenew CoE hosted international experts for the 1st International Conference for COST Action 20139 — “Holistic design of taller timber buildings” (HELEN) in May 2022.

The conference featured lectures from Fernando Pérez, senior engineer at Smith and Wallwork who has experience in structural engineering and specializes in timber construction; Aleksandar Pavič, professor at the University of Exeter and an expert in vibration serviceability for slender civil engineering structures; Blaž Kurent, a doctoral student at the University of Ljubljana’s Faculty for Civil and Geodetic Engineering; Simeon Anastasov, principal fire engineer at OFR Consultants; and Tiziano Sartori, founder and principal at Rewis Wood.

During the conference, all COST Action HELEN working groups held meetings and workshops related to their tasks.

More information can also be found in the article “V IZOLI SO SE ZBRALI STROKOVNJAKI IZ VEČ KOT 20 DRŽAV: InnoRenew CoE gostil 1. mednarodno konferenco o gradnji visokih lesenih zgradb,”  published on Reginal obala’s web portal.