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Interview with Dr Andreja Kutnar

Dr Andreja Kutnar is the director of the InnoRenew CoE research institute, which means she is leading the largest European research project in Slovenia. She is also head of the Department of Applied Natural Sciences at the University of Primorska and a fullprofessor, just to name a few more of her accomplishments. Her days are colourful and full of different activities; however, they all start in the same way – with a cup of dark coffee.

Today the curriculum vitae of Dr Kutnar is rich, but everything started when she was a child and enjoyed spending time in her father’s carpentry workshop. She decided to study wood science and pursue a career in this area. She dedicated a lot of time to education, both in Slovenia and abroad. As she says, her departure to the United States is one of the biggest turning points in her personal and professional development. During her time there, she met many people and made good friendships. She also got to know a new culture and a new way of working and living. All of this made a great impression on her and inspired her to return to Slovenia and contribute her part to the country’s development.

In the interview Naučila sem se, da moraš biti vedno ponosen na to, od kod prihajaš, published at the web magazine Aletea, Dr Kutnar spoke about her life and other interesting topics, such as how to find time for family and friends and for doing things you like in today’s chaotic and fast lifestyle. She also discussed how to get through the difficult times we all face at some point in our lives.