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Rosie Sargent at the InnoRenew CoE

Rosie Sargent, a visiting researcher from Scion in New Zealand, spent one month at the InnoRenew CoE to collaborate on a project about densification of two types of eucalyptus and find high added-value uses for these two wood species.

“I have been involved with the University of Primorska and InnoRenew CoE over a number of years,” said Rosie. “I’ve meet people at conferences and been in touch,” she added when talking about how the idea for the project started.

In collaboration with InnoRenew CoE researchers, Rosie made several tests to figure out which densification schedules to use, looking at how the wood behaves when it comes into contact with water. Results seems promising as the densified samples don’t swell much, which is good for floors, for example.

Rosie said that her experience at the InnoRenew CoE was great.

“There are a lot of different people from a lot of different backgrounds, a lot of different equipment that we don’t have in New Zealand, so it has been good learning about the work that happens here and talking to different people about the kind of testing I could be doing here,” she noted.

Get to know more about why Rosie came to visit Slovenia and the InnoRenew CoE as well as details about her research topic by watching the full video.