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Career orientation at the InnoRenew CoE

It is important to start discussing career orientation with children at an early stage, which is why elementary schools are integrating career options into certain subjects and organizing various activities for this purpose, including visits to organizations where children learn about different professions. This enables them to choose a career path or start thinking about their career choices.

On Thursday, 17 October 2019 the InnoRenew CoE welcomed students from the 9th grade of an elementary school located in Škofije. The students visited in the frame of career orientation and learned about the professions of wood science and research. Dr Črtomir Tavzes talked to them about wood as the one material that contributes most to climate change mitigation and sustainable development. Further, they learned about a variety of products that can be made from wood – buildings, high-tech products, pulp and paper.

In addition, the visiting students got to know profiles of the types of researchers employed by research institutes like the InnoRenew CoE. They were introduced to the professions of microbiologist, kinesiologist, architect as well as experts in both renewable materials composites and sustainable construction with renewable materials.

“At the InnoRenew CoE, we work on the challenges together because we are aware that only by summing up our diverse knowledge can we can contribute to the quality of life,” said Vesna Starman, InnoRenew CoE assistant researcher.