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Living Laboratory (LL InnoRenew)

Innovative Renewable Material Uses living laboratory (LL InnoRenew) in which stakeholders representing industry, consumers, and researchers are gathered to collaboratively explore, design and validate themes, opportunities, and risks for new innovative renewable material based products, services and systems.


Advance scientific excellence in Slovenia in wide range of fields related to renewable materials: 

wood materials, construction, biology, polymers, social sciences, cultural heritage, computing, mathematics, psychology, kinesiology, modelling, simulation, design, logistics, deployment, risk-assessment, decision making and management

Participating Stakeholders - 69 stakeholders from 22 countries

Austria - R&R
  • FH Salzburg, Study Programme 'Forest Products Technology and Timber Construction' (link)
  • Kompetenzzentrum Holz GmbH (link)
Belgium - Associations
  • Forest-based Sector Technology Platform, FTP Sprl (link)
  • InnovaWood (link) 
  • Slovenian Business and Research Association (SBRA) (link)
Bosnia and Herzegovina - R&R
  • University of East Sarajevo (link)
Bosnia and Herzegovina - SME
  • ŠGD HERCEGBOSANSKE ŠUME d.o.o. Kupres (link)
China - R&R
  • Beijing Jiaotong University (link)
Croatia - R&R
Hong Kong - SME
  • JT Business Development (link)
Hungary - SME
  • Pannon Pro Innovations Ltd. (link)
Italy - R&R
  • National Research Council - Trees and Timber Institute (CNR-IVALSA) (link)
Iran - R&R
  • Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST) (link)

Korea - R&R
  • Yeungnam University, Department of Mathematics (link)
Macedonia - R&R
  • Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje Faculty of Forestry (link)
Montenegro - R&R
  • University of Monte Negro Biotechnology Faculty (link)
  • Institute of Forestry of Montenegro (link)
Netherlands - SME
New Zealand - R&R
  • New Zealand Forest Research Institute Limited trading as Scion (link)
Poland - R&R
  • Poznań University of Economics and Business (link)
Russia - R&R
  • Volga State University of Technology (link)
Serbia - R&R
  • Faculty of Forestry of the University of Belgrade (link)
Serbia - SME
  • State Enterprise for Forest Management "Srbijašume" Belgrade (link)
Slovenia - SMEs
  • Abelium Research & Development (link)
  • aFRONT - zavod za prostorsko inovativnost (link)
  • Alples d.d (link)
  • ARTS d.o.o. (link)
  • Brest pohištvo d.o.o. Cerknica, podjetje za proizvodnjo in promet pohištva in opreme (link)
  • CBD gradbeno in poslovno projektiranje (link)
  • Dekleva Gregorič arhitekti, projecktiranje (link)
  • Donar d.o.o. (link)
  • INTECH-LES, razvojni center, d.o.o. (link)
  • JELOVICA Hiše d.o.o (link)
  • KonektOn (link)
  • Marles Hiše Maribor d.o.o. (link)
  • M SORA, trgovina in proizvodnja, d.d. (link)
  • Maechtig Vrhunc Arhitekti, d.o.o (link)
  • Mirabilis, d.o.o. (link)
  • PIA studio d.o.o. (link)
  • plusminus30 d.o.o. (link) 
  • Proform d.o.o. (link)
  • Primus Designs d.o.o. (link)
  • Psilos d.o.o. (link)
  • Razvojni center koroškega gospodarstva – RACE KOGO d.o.o. (link)
  • Remty-R d.o.o. (link)
  • Rex Kralj d.o.o. (link)
  • Riko Hiše d.o.o (link)
  • S2P, znanost v pakso, d.o.o. (link)
  • Silvaprodukt d.o.o (link)
  • Snežnik d.d (link)
  • Snopje d.o.o (link)
  • Yaskawa Ristro d.o.o (link)
  • Zeleno d.o.o. (link)
  • Zavod BIG so.p. (link)
Slovenia - R&R
  • Construction Cluster of Slovenia (link)
  • Faculty of Design, University of Primorska (link)
  • Geodetic Institute of Slovenia (link)
  • Gozdarski inštitut Slovenije (link) 
  • Ministry of education, science and sport (link)
  • School centre Nova Gorica (link) 
  • UIP University development center and university incubator of Primorska Ltd. (link)
  • University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty, Department of Wood Science and Technology (link)
  • University of Ljubljana, Institute of Structural Engineering, Earthquake Engineering and Construction IT (IKPIR); Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering (link)
Slovenia - Regional development agencies
  • RRA Zeleni kras d.o.o. (link)
  • Regional Development Centre Koper (link)
Sweden - R&R
  • Luleå University of Technology Wood Science and Engineering (link)
  • JCH Industrial Ecology Limited (link)
  • Society of Wood Science and Technology (link)
  • Wood-Based Composites Center, Oregon State University (link)

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