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Sašo Vozel

Assistant researcher

Sašo is an assistant researcher at the InnoRenew CoE.

He graduated in the year 2011 at the Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering in Ljubljana. He was always fascinated by wooden construction and materials, therefore he decided to join the company CBD d.o.o. He collaborated on more than 50 national and international projects as a structural designer, and he was leading the development project in the framework of the development center Intech-les. In 2014 he successfully completed the professional exam at the Slovenian Chamber of Engineers and became an authorized engineer.

Then he started to work in the field of design where he produces static calculations of construction structures, especially wooden, hybrid, steel, and reinforced concrete constructions. He also produces execution plans.

In the future he would like to focus on new approaches for information technology, on the physical properties of building structures, assessment and research about existing wooden constructions, and the building process from design to execution with constant professional control.