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David B. DeVallance

Renewable Materials Composites

David is the Research Group Leader in Renewable Materials Composites at InnoRenew CoE. David received a BS Degree in Wood Products Processing and Manufacturing from the Pennsylvania State University and his MS and PhD Degree in Wood Science from Oregon State University. In addition to his academic career, he has worked for PFS Corporation in Madison, Wisconsin as a Staff Engineer researching engineered wood studs/joists and for TECO in Eugene, Oregon as a staff scientist performing wood products research testing and analysis, field claim inspections, and a variety of technical duties.

David is also an Associate Professor within the Wood Science and Technology Program in the Division of Forestry and Natural Resources at West Virginia University (WVU). Additionally, he is the current Past-President of the Forest Products Society.

His research focuses areas include: development of bio-based composite materials, biomass pre-processing and pelletizing, non-destructive material evaluation, and adhesion and structural properties of cross laminated timbers. He teaches courses in Sustainable Construction, Quantitative Decision Making, Residential Building Materials, Senior Project Research, and Renewable Materials Marketing.